The Robinwood Neighborhood Association meets every month, year-round, on the second Tuesday at 7pm at Robinwood Station, 3706 Cedaroak Drive, 97068 - Click for MAP

Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 2012 Minutes

Robinwood Neighborhood Association Minutes:  November 13, 2012

Meeting called to order at 7:07 pm

October Minutes Approval:  Motion by Mary Hill, Seconded by?  to accept the body of minutes as read, with minor technical corrections to follow.  Approved/Passed by voice vote/ ayes and nays.  Revised minutes with corrections will be posted.

Treasurer Report: Treasurer did not have access to the bank site, but balance was calculated at $1039.26

Guest Speaker: Newly elected City Councilor, Thomas Frank

Announcements: The RNA website has been updated at 
Please sent information to be posted to the RNA Treasurer at

Willamette Historical Society is selling ornaments $10 each.  Contact Beth Smolens

Pianist John Nilson will be at the Bobbin Robbin Club on December 1st.
On Dec 22nd the Bobbin Robbin Club will host a holiday caroling around a bonfire, weather permitting.

Updates: Thank you Lions Club Foundation for donation of the new Station lights. Secretary to send letter of thanks from the RNA.  Thank you to Gordon for installation and other Station repairs.

Garden Club: Lisa said that the grant cycle finished in October. She feels that the Garden achieved the goals! We have 16 garden beds, 2 are handicapped accessible. 6 families from apartments are using the garden. We are submitting a new Clackamas Co. grant for kids and adults. Maybe a deer fence and a greenhouse? 

City Council Review: Newly elected City Councilor Thomas Frank attended and spoke. 
On the LOT project, he will recuse himself on the issue if appealed to Council.  
Thomas discussed supporting local small businesses by participating in a “cash mob” next month.   
He thought that we need to create a business identity, working with media partners (Tidings, Oregonian) to promote local businesses with money from the Chamber or Clackamas County. 
Another priority is fixing our roads and water lines.  His website is

Committee Reports:

Parks - Don Kingsborough: Marylhurst Park is getting restrooms and a water play area. Haunted Trail at MSY Park was great! (about 1900 people attended) Talk to Terri Jones or Ken Warner to volunteer 
next year. A coalition of government groups are supporting a Willamette “national water trail”. We want a canoe and kayak launch at West Bridge Park and Cedaroak  boat ramp. Willamette River Keepers and Linn City Canoe and Kayak Club has more information at

Robinwood Station - Randall Fastabend: New light fixtures were donated from the Lions Club. Thomas Boes discussed the future of the Master Plan for the Station. We need to send Ken Worchester a letter to thank him for all his hard work on behalf of the Station! 

Streets - Tony: Street sweepers need us to recycle our leaves in our yards, not blow them into the street. 

Business - Thomas Boes: River related businesses would be nice to have in West Linn. Meetings are first Monday at 8:00am at Starbucks in Robinwood. or robinwoodbusinessassociation on Facebook. 

River - Don Kingsborough: Wants Marine Board to build a “paddlers dock” at Cedaroak when it is rebuilt. Scott Gerber said garbage was cleaned up on Cedar Island. We discussed whether the fishing docks are safe?

Great Neighbor - Lamont King: LOT applications were denied by the Planning Commission. 
LOT has the option to appeal to the City Council. Lots of things at play now. 
We will revisit the GNC’s original mission in December. Should we disband the GNC?

Planning - Kevin Bryck: No new activity in Robinwood. Should the GNC disband, the RNA should enlarge the Planning Committee to take up any left over business. Contact Kevin if interested in serving.

Old Business: none

New Business: Invite someone from City Hall to the RNA to discuss streets and public works

Motion to Adjourn at 8:50 by Mary Hill, Seconded by Randall, by acclamation.               

Attendees:   35

Robinwood Neighborhood Association Board Members

Anthony Bracco (President)                             
Jim O’Toole (Member At Large)
Aaron Buffington (Vice President)                
Sarah Rose (Secretary)
Kevin Bryck (Treasurer)