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Monday, January 28, 2013

December 2012 Minutes

Robinwood Neighborhood Association of the City of West Linn
Minutes December 11, 2012

Meeting of the Robinwood Neighborhood Association(RNA) called to order at 7:08 pm.
November Minutes approved by voice vote.  Motion by Mary Hill, second by Bob Stowell.
Treasurer Report: Last month’s balance was $1039.26 without Tony’s current receipts.

Speaker:  Mike Monical, a Nixon Av. resident who is currently on the Utility Advisory Board, made a presentation about the West Linn water system:

  • Charter limits water rate increases to 5% per year. Check city “Master Fees and Charges”
  • On 12/11 the city council placed a March ballot to authorize an increase in water rates in excess of the 5% charter limitation, specifically for water main replacements.
  • From 2008-2011 water revenues were down, but in 2012 they went up slightly.
  • Operational costs for energy and materials exceed the 5% limitation.
  • West Linn water rates are the lowest in Metro area except Hillsboro.
  • Water lines have a life span of 75 years  We need to replace some lines each year.
  • We should be raising water revenue sufficient to replace every lines every 100 years.
  • Current water revenue only calculates out to allow a 300 year replacement cycle.
  • Last major water rate increase was in the 1990s.
  • Robinwood has a large percentage of the concrete asbestos water lines in West Linn.

  • After Christmas Styrofoam recycling fundraiser at Station Dec 26-27.
  • Historic district is selling $10 holiday ornaments; contact Elizabeth Smolens at 503-722-1531
  • Garden Club: Smoothies Class on Saturday 1/19, $5 donation requested.
  • Christmas Caroling around the Bonfire at Station on Saturday, December 22nd. 
  • Neighborhood New Years Eve Party at Station starting at 8pm.

Committee Reports:
Business:  Scott Anderson has volunteered as the new Business Committee Chair. 

Parks:  Tony Bracco - Midhill Park basketball court cleaned and widow maker in tree removed.
Kevin Bryck - a large patch of invasive Tanzy Ragwort at Cedar Island Park beach at the bridge is suitable for a service project party.  Perhaps contact Environmental Class at WLHS?

Streets:  Tony Bracco - City filled some potholes through out the area.  Street sweepers are out.  DO NOT blow leaves into the street!.  Rosemont Trail construction is in progress.
Radar speed sign on Marylhurst Drive needs to face the downhill traffic. 
River:  Don Kingsborough - there will be opportunity for local input into the new Cedaroak dock project funded by the State Marine Board.
Mary pointed out that there are website that show Willamette River water levels.

Robinwood Station:  FORS needs to secure a Conditional Use Permit to allow permanent status for the facility.  Architect Thomas Boes has been hired to create a Master Plan that needs to be finalized in January to meet the application deadline to complete the CUP process by June 23rd.

A new heating system has been installed in the Bay, utilizing all of FORS discretionary funds.
Jack Norby asked everyone to join him and Mary Hill, and donate to FORS for the system.

Motion:  That the RNA should support the request by FORS, to the City Council, to reimburse FORS for the direct expenses for the new heating system.  By Mike Monical, second by Vicki Smith.  Approved by voice vote.
Great Neighbor(Temporary): Given the current situation, the GNC will ask the RNA to dissolve this temporary committee and relegate future duties to the standing Planning Committee.
Planning:  Kevin Bryck is currently Chair and is seeking new members for the committee.

Old Business:
Taking up the motions proposed by the temporary Great Neighbor Committee in November:

1.  The RNA resolves that the potential LOT transmission pipeline is a transportation project and therefore, the entire length of any transmission pipeline project in Robinwood must be upgraded to the current standard as outlined in theTSP, in accordance with the Hwy 43 Conceptual Design Plan.  This finding by Planning Commissioner Bob Martin was agreed to by acting West Linn City Atty Pam Beery at the Planning Commission hearing for CUP 12-04.
Any approvals must be contingent upon this condition.

2.  The RNA formed the temporary Great Neighbor Committee(GNC) to work with LOT in a rational and respectful manner to negotiate a package of mitigations and community benefits that might be acceptable to the community.

We thank the West Linn City Council for the financial support for the consultant who helped the committee and neighborhood association draft and approve a comprehensive mitigation plan that reflected the values of the community.

We regret that the West linn Planning staff did not utilize the RNA  Mitigation plan as a framework for negotiating a mutually acceptable solution.

Therefore we find that we have completed our mission for the RNA, that we should we disband the temporary GNC, and that any unfinished  and future matters may be handled by the standing RMA Planning Committee.

Motion by Jack Norby, seconded by Lamont King and passed by voice vote.
New Business:  Motion: To authorize up to $300 grant funds for snacks for Holiday Caroling and for the New Years Party.  Motion by Don Kingsborough, second by Jack Norby.  Approved by voice vote.
Meeting adjourned at 8:55.  Motion by Aaron Buffington, seconded by Tony Bracco.
Attendees:  26

Robinwood Neighborhood Association Board Members:
Anthony Bracco, RNA President
Aaron Buffington, RNA Vice President
Sarah Rose, RNA Secretary 
Kevin Bryck, RNA Treasurer
Jim O’Toole, RNA Member At Large