The Robinwood Neighborhood Association meets every month, year-round, on the second Tuesday at 7pm at Robinwood Station, 3706 Cedaroak Drive, 97068 - Click for MAP

Monday, January 28, 2013

January 2013 Minutes

Robinwood Neighborhood Association of the City of West Linn
Minutes January 8, 2013

Meeting of the Robinwood Neighborhood Association (RNA)called to order at 7:10 pm.
December Minutes approval postponed.  Motion by Jim O’Toole, second by Mary Hill.
Treasurer Report: Current balance is approx $720 after authorized December expenses.
Still awaiting Pacific West Bank authorization to log in and ascertain balances.


Garden Club Activities from Lisa Clifton:
Smoothies Class on Saturday 1/19 12:30 to 1:30pm  $5 donation requested.
Kids’ Garden and Classes, First class is All About Sunflowers, 2/9 10-11am, 5-10 years, $5 fee.
MLK Day of Service at the Garden on Monday 2/21 with bbq and pot luck lunch served.
Seed exchange on Saturday 2/23 from 11-2pm.
Landscape Blocks were donated to the garden from the Kasch’s Nursery demolition.

Don Kingsboro:  the Lions Sausage and Kraut feed with Oompah band and Chicken Dance
at the Resurrection Church on Stafford and Ek Rd on Saturday Feb 16th from 4-8pm
$12 for adults with adult beverages at extra charge.

Jack Norby:  Bobbin Robin Club at the Station on Saturday January 19th at 7pm 
The Renaissance Trombone Quartet with Robinwoods’ own Andy Harris.

Tony Bracco:  Styrofoam Recycling Fundraiser 12/26 - 12/27 raised $145 this year.

City Council Update and Motions:
 On Monday 1/7 the Council hurriedly adopted of motion to instruct the negotiator to bring a written offer to City Hall by Friday 1/11, for a one time lump sum franchise fee from LOTWP to the CoWL.

Motion by Lamont King, seconded Eric Jones:  That this is a time sensitive matter.
Approved by voice vote.

Motion by Shanon Vroman, seconded by Randall Fastabend:
Resolved by the Robinwood Neighborhood Association on January 8th, 2013. 

To the West LInn City Council:

Consideration of a lump sum franchise fee from the Lake Oswego-Tigard Water Partnership (LOTWP) is premature and creates the appearance of a conflict of interest and impropriety and fails to reflect good faith.

Any discussion of a franchise fee should be separate and distinct from the land use decision process.

Accepting a one time, lump sum franchise fee is not consistent with other City of West Linn franchise fees and privilege taxes, which should be recurring, renewable and renegotiable. This lump sum purchase of a permanent franchise right sets a dangerous precedent.

A franchise fee is rental for right-of-way and does not constitute a community benefit.

Approved by unanimous vote.

Motion by Lamont King, seconded by Gwen Sieben:
That Thom Holder shall be granted the RNA’s ten minutes speaking time at the City Council hearing for CUP 12-02 and 12-04 on MondayJanuary 14.  Approved by voice vote.

Committee Reports:
Business: None

Parks:  There is discussion within Parks and Rec Department regarding dismantling some fishing docks in Cedar Island lagoon and upgrading others.  RNA should follow up.

Upcoming Willamette Riverkeepers Canoe Camp for middle schoolers at Cedaroak ramp.
Check Riverkeepers website for more info.

Streets:  None

River:  None

Robinwood Station:  Work continues on Master Plan for Conditional Use Permit
The new heating system still works. Yay!

Planning:  Still looking for more members for permanent committee

Old Business:  None
New Business:  None
Meeting adjourned by acclamation at 8:33.  Attendees:  31

Robinwood Neighborhood Association Board Members:
Anthony Bracco, RNA President
Aaron Buffington, RNA Vice President
Sarah Rose, RNA Secretary 
Kevin Bryck, RNA Treasurer
Jim O’Toole, RNA Member At Large