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Saturday, July 20, 2013

April 2013 Minutes

Robinwood  Neighborhood  Association  of  the  City  of  West  Linn  Minutes     April 9, 2013

Call to Order: Meeting of the Robinwood Neighborhood Association (RNA) called to order at 7:10   pm
April 2013 Minutes approved by voice vote.  Motion by Mary   Second by Leo Kunkle   
Treasurer’s Report: Balance on 4/10/13    $705.02   
RNA spending plan: 
Speaker: none
~WL Parks and Recs having votes for movie choices ~Junk picked up on the streets was a success ~Roger Shephard Walk (West Linn Heritage Walk) in Robinwood first Saturday in May. Meet at Cedaroak Grade School. ~Marine board is thinking of charging for non motorized boats for a new ramp. The city hasn’t received permits yet. Money is coming from the State Marine Board. ~Celebration Saturday, April 20th from 9am -noon for Earth Day at Mary S. Young State Park. ~Boberta Schwartz walk at Savannah Oaks. ~Lewis and Clark students are volunteering Saturday to build deer fence for the garden. They could use some volunteers! 10-11am kids composting class in the garden. ~City of WL is having a shred day, collecting glasses, electronics on April 20th  from 10-2 @ city hall. ~garden is having an Earth Day Celebration  from 9-12 on Sunday, April 21st. ~May 4th soil and composting class at the Robinwood Station. Fee is $10
Budget committee: Aaron, Mary and Kevin- how does the RNA spend it’s money? Aaron will get some internet prices. Black leather furniture was purchased on CL. Jack says we are going to pay to tune the piano. Mary wants to pay for the ladder today. F.O.R.S.: We want to sign in so the city knows what our attendance is... Emergency preparedness:     Gardening: have plants for sale  Music & Fundraising: Saturday, April 13th “The Alphabeticians” for kids at 3:30 
City Council Review: 
WL City council will have next meeting on April 22nd.  Recently they discussed changes to sound and light codes in West Linn. Council adopted some goals for 2013: Aquatic Center, Blue Heron Property, Centennial Celebration, Economic Development, Transportation System Maintenance, Water Infrastructure
RNA Committee Reports: 
Parks Committee: (Don Kingsborough)  Lori Griffith SOLV cleanup day...April 20th 9am 
Ivy pull is second Saturday of the month.  Station Committee: (Randall Fastaband) finished master plan with Thomas Boes. Board has put together a backup plan. A draft will be presented shortly to eventually present to Sonnen and Wooster. We want to continue the way we are presently going, in hopes that the city will be ok with that. We are trying to save the city money and leave things the way they are. Leave the facility open as it is. Usage is twice as high as last year.  Campfire Girls want this space for next year. Streets: (Tony Bracco) City will continue construction on Rosemont.  Business: (Scott Anderson) none  River:  (Marchall K.)  Planning: (Kevin Bryck) Nothing pending in Robinwood  Old Business:  Mary made motion to purchase the ladder for $300. It was approved. New Business: 1.) Kevin wants to know if we should adopt a motion to be concerned about the issues on Mapleton. Fence was moved back from the street. Some trucks have been in the street. Jane said it was not her crews’ trucks.  2.) We can ask for a defibrillator if we want. 3.) Construction complaints need to go through the city. 4.) David Dodds explained some of the issues about the LOT project. 5.) Robinwood Picnic will be here at the Robinwood Station this summer!                                 Motion by:
Meeting adjourned at: 8:22                  Motion by:         Mary             Second by: 
Attendees: 18 

Robinwood Neighborhood Association Board Members:
Anthony Bracco, RNA President Aaron Buffington, RNA Vice President
Sarah Rose, RNA Secretary       Kevin Bryck, RNA Treasurer
Jim O’Toole, RNA Member at Large