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Thursday, February 11, 2021

New Marine Board Boating/Towing Restrictions

Robinwood resident Erin Patterson joined RNA president A.J. Handegard to discuss the new boating/towing restrictions approved by the Marine Board at the end of January 2021. The audio interview is posted in the below YouTube videos and is broken up into three parts. Erin also shared links and contact information for anyone wishing to get involved in future decision making processes regarding river usage. This contact information is posted below the videos.

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Oregon Families for Boating (site being developed): 

Anyone wanting more information or want to be informed can email: 

To donate to the PAC for Oregon Families for Boating go to:

Willammette River Community Coalition page:

Below is a list of legislators our residents can contact if they would like to around bill 2555 that restricts 2 out of 3 boats on the upper Willamette if they would like to do towed sports. All legislators can be emailed together on the same email, as they are part of the Natural Resources Committee who will review this bill, and HB 2734 and HB 2696.

HB2555: Limits boats authorized for towed watersports in the Newberg Pool, a 20-mile stretch of the Willamette River from Oregon City to Newberg to less than 4,000 pounds. 

HB2734: Directs the Oregon State Marine Board to study imposing an excise tax on wake boat sales.

HB2695: Expands to Oregon State Marine Board membership from five to nine members that fulfill specific roles.

Natural Resources Committee:
Chair Representative Brad Witt 

Vice Chair Representative Vikki BreeseIverson 

Vice Chair Representative Zach Hudson

Member Representative Jami Cate 

Member Representative Pam Marsh 

Member Representative Susan McLain 

Member Representative Bill Post 

Member Representative Jeff Reardon 
Member Representative David Brock Smith